Promote Research And Development Of New Products With Technology, And Produce Health And Medical Products Based On People

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Good products and good service can get the best return! We already have many partners in the medical, education, pension, and financial industries, and are deeply trusted and praised by customers. In the future, we will further take root in the medical disinfection industry, promote the research and development of new products with technology, produce health and medical products based on people, and build a professional disinfection equipment manufacturing center.

Key words:

  • Product Description


    ·Dynamic/static use: ultraviolet disinfection is dynamic disinfection(man-machine coexistence),ozone fumigation disinfection is static disinfection (unmanned state), two disinfection modes can be selected arbitrarily.

    ·Continuous disinfection with long-life C-band high-intensity ultraviolet and circulating wind.

    ·Strong high-concentration ozone fumigation disinfection.

    ·Using anion to eliminate smoke,remove dust and odor,and purify air.

    ·Using anion electrostatic adsorption characteristics to removethe soot and bacteria.

    ·The HEPA high efficient filter,the filtration efficiency of particles of o.1 microns and 0.3 microns reaches 99.7%(movement)

    ·Activated carbon is used for antimicrobial and odor elimination.

    ·Far infrared remote controller,microcomputer program-controlled automatic operation.

    ·Disinfection and sterilization with photocatalyst.


    Comprehensive features

    ·Dynamic and staticmodes,dead-angle-free disinfection technology,reasonable disinfection mode,more thorough disinfection effect.

    ·Button and infrared remote control dual operation mode.The operation is faster and easier.

    ·Anion assisted disinfection and air purification.

    ·Support three groups of scheduled disinfection at different time periods,more intelligent and convenient to use.

    ·High-definition digital displayscreen, showing complete,clear and intuitive content.

    ·Equipped with high-sensitivity,mute universal wheels for easy movement.

    ·Intelligent system can memorize accumulated disinfection time, convenient for users to inquire.


    Technical specifications



    Area capacity(m³)

    UV radiation intensity(μQ/㎝²)

    Ozone production(mg/h)

    Anion concentration(million/cm³)


    Product size(mm)









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